Malpractice In The Nursing Home Industry

Technology in the field of medicine has enabled people to live longer lives.  This gives nursing home facilities a boost in business.  Estimates claim that a quarter of people in America will receive care from this type of facility at some time or another.  It is expected that this industry provides deserved good care, giving the patient respect and comfort they need.  This is not necessarily the case as is proven by the rise in nursing home malpractice cases.  Extensive federal government studies have been done and uncovered shocking and disturbing results. One-third of all nursing homes were guilty of malpractice which includes physical, psychological, or mental abuse.

Common nursing home scenarios include emotional abuse and errors in medication.  Mistreatment of infections or pains make up about half of the malpractice.  Malnutrition, physical restraint, dehydration, and unexplained accidents or illnesses were also a concern.

It is a horrific crime to abuse the vulnerable people placed in nursing facilities.  It is important that authorities report and investigate suspected nursing home malpractice. This is almost the only way to assure the ending of abuse and negligence.

Malpractice cases will not stop if nursing facilities are not punished for irresponsibility or abuse.  Therefore, if you suspect a friend or loved one is being abused in a care facility, you are urged to contact an organization that investigates such institutions to determine their guilt or innocence.  The faster an organization is made aware of suspicion, the faster they can stop or decrease the malpractice.

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