Miracle Of Earth Magnets

Earth Magnets came long before video games, before the world heard of an I-pod, DVD player, or any instrument holding masses of information. Once upon a decade, children played together, toys were their source of entertainment. Kids even played with bugs, but on a great day a child played with earth magnets, sometimes a little mercury.


You could only take the earthworm so far, and more than likely end up squishing him, but an earth magnet was an entirely different story. With this tool imaginations could soar. With magnets you held the power of the earth in your hand, electricity. More power than any toy, this was magic. With magnets, creation is possible.

The owner of this power tries to dispense his knowledge to the world he is met with bored disinterest. As he describes how easily iron is changed into magnets, about how the other iron is ready to follow the program set out by the magnet; the conversation is lost.

The little magnet expert grew up, but had discovered all of the magnificent things that could be done with magnets.

His fascination with magnets leads the now young man to star a magnet company; it grew. Acquiring a family and it grew.

His son matures; the possessor of the earths power of electricity gives his son a gift of the times, the I-pod, and decides to tell his son about magnets, he meets a bored crowed. The son texts absentmindedly on a piece of equipment made possible because of the power of earth magnets.

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