New York Auto Insurance

Most people are paying more than they need to in terms of car insurance. The cost of living in New York is one of the most expensive and that goes with a more expensive car insurance premium. However, that does not mean that you can not lower your bill. In fact just by shopping around you can likely get New York Auto Insurance that will save you money each month.

Since a big factor in rates for new york auto insurance is based on where you park/garage your vehicle. This means that depending on where you live or keep your car your premiums can vary widely on zip code alone. They rate the zip code based on past claims such as theft or other liabilities. This makes everyone that lives in the area have a higher cost for car insurance.


Another item that affects insurance rates is a vehicle rating that is determined by the insurer. It is based on the price to fix it as well as how much damage it typically causes if it does get into an accident. So, if the insurer has found that certain cheaper vehicles are in a lot of accidents that can and do make the insurance rates higher for people who own those types of vehicles.

Lastly, the insurance company takes into consideration how often and for what purpose you use your vehicle. The less you do drive your car the lower your premiums can go. Conversely, the more mileage you put on your car the higher your rates will be.

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