On Choosing Lighter Fluid For Zippo Owners

Anyone who enjoys smoking pipes or cigars will want to purchase the most convenient lighter fluid for Zippo lighters. Almost everyone knows that lighter fluid is a flammable substance that when ignited fuels various devices with a gas that is safe and odorless. Before buying large quantities of this fluid you must understand advantages and downsides to the most common types of fuel. By performing some research you can be sure to pick the best fuel source for your pipes and cigars.


Butane is one of the various types of gases that are used for Zippo lighters. The biggest advantage that butane lighters brings to the table is that they are easy to refill once there is no more fuel, not to mention affordable. By using them frequently, you can save quite a lot of money.

Another lighter fluid for Zippo lighters is propane. The burn of this type of fuel is odorless and even so it does not affect the smoking experience at all. However, the energy is lower than butane but still enough to power up a flame that is windproof.

While shopping for fluid for your lighter is it a good idea to find places where you can get good deals. A cigar smoker that is budget-minded can opt for buying lighter fluid in large quantities online.

Purchasing lighter fluid for Zippo lighter can be an easy, stress free and not to mention convenient experience if you keep in mind the tips mentioned earlier in the article.

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