Purchase Your Own Torch Lighter Today

A lighter is a small item that consists of a metal or plastic container that contains a fluid or gas, which help produce flame. The first lighter was first seen in the sixteenth century and since then lighters continued to evolve up to the present. There are a wide variety of lighters in the present day. Lighters may vary from the color, design, size, materials used and the list goes on. However, one of the most well liked lighters in the present day is the torch lighter.


Torch lighter is a specially engineered lighter fueled by butane. The fuel in a torch lighter is under compression causing the flame it produces to sound like that of a mini- jet engine. While the flame in candles, alcohol lamps and other regular lighters flickers only in upward direction, that of the torch lighter shoots out in any direction that the user chooses to aim it.

A torch lighter generates blue flame, which burns hotter than the flame produced by a match, giving it a higher regard in melting sealing wax and some common metals such as aluminum and copper, or even in caramelizing sugar when cooking.

Furthermore, a blue flame burns cleanly because it does not give off carbon soot. A known agent of discoloration, carbon soot is a by-product of the orange flame produced by a match, candle or regular lighter.

When its fuel runs out, torch lighters can be refilled from common butane cylindrical canisters available at most drug stores, supermarkets, smoke shops, or hardware stores.

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