PureVPN Reviewed – PureVPN Security Service Explained

PureVPN provides a service that lets people communicate securely online. Providers such as these are oftentimes used by businesses.

PureVPN, What is It?

Identity theft, data mining and other types of intrusion are always threats on the Internet. This stems from the fact that, normally, your computer has to tell any server it wants to communicate who and where it is and this means that there is some personal data exchanged in the transaction. This is unavoidable, in the same fashion that it would be unavoidable for someone to send you mail without your giving them your address. So what does VPN have to do with this?

Encryption and Anonymous Surfing

The first thing a VPN server does is provide encryption for your data. This means that no one can read it unless they have the encryption key, which is the same concept as having a decoder so that you can read a message sent in a secret code. These servers communicate with your computer in this secret code, which means that it comes out as gibberish to anyone trying to peek at what you’re doing. Oftentimes, this communication is routed over a port that makes sure it doesn’t stand out among other Internet traffic.

The anonymous surfing provided by PureVPN and other VPN services comes from the fact that their servers act as a proxy. For instance, if you hook up to one of their servers in Germany, but you’re in Oklahoma, any visits you make to the site look as if they were made from Germany, not from your home IP. This is another way that these services provide anonymity to their users.

The Business World

Every day, businesses transmit information over the Internet that might be useful to those who practice corporate espionage, identity theft of other nefarious activities. This has increased the demand for businesses to use services such as PureVPN to secure this information in transit. Because these services can be used anywhere, travelling representatives can use them to make sure that client information is not inadvertently shared over the Internet when they’re out on the road. This is useful for salespeople and others that frequently handle sensitive client information and who want to make sure that it’s secure.

Unfiltered Surfing

Some people use these services to get around firewalls and other obstructions to free speech on the Internet. In nations where the government restricts what people can read, these services have become ways that people can get around those restrictions and see and read whatever they want. The encryption makes certain that the information is not intercepted in transit, which has made it very useful for those who live in nations where communications are frequently monitored by various government agencies.

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