Reasons To Buy Counselor School Insurance

Even the most cautious counselor may occasionally run into trouble in his or her career. The only way to protect yourself is to buy insurance, as the ASCA recommends. Counselor school insurance and professional liability insurance are both meant to provide protection from an unfortunate lawsuit. Getting insurance will help you whether you are just starting out, work full-time, or have a practice of your own. The best part is that these insurance programs are offered to everyone that is licensed and certified. Policies can also be customized to best suit your situation for Counselor School Insurance.

An alternative is to buy insurance as a group. Counselor school insurancenot only protects during the term of coverage, but may also apply retroactively. You will need to check with your insurance provider to make sure.


Generally speaking, most liability insurance policies will cover up to $4 million annually or $2 million per complaint. This protects you from losing your license should someone filed a complaint with the Department of Regulation.

Although many people believe that insurance provided by one’s employer is more than enough, the truth is that employer-provided insurance may not meet your needs. The policy and benefits offered vary greatly depending on your work situation. Also, contrary to popular belief, getting counselor school insurance will not attract lawsuits.

Even if you follow the rules, watch your step, and act with propriety in every situation, you could still be sued. The best way to protect yourself is to get counselor school insurance. You will not regret having it should the worst occur.

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