Smoking Pipes Is A Pasttime

If there is one thing all pipe smokers can agree on, it is smoking pipes is a revered activity. Even if one can’t stand the smell of cigars, they may incline to tilt their nose up and savor the aroma of pipe tobacco when it passes them. the sweet aroma of smoking pipes has some thing about it that draws ones that are the most opposed to it.


One famous pipe smoker was writer C.S. Lewis. Another writer who loved smoking pipes was J.R.R. Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings. Sherlock Holmes was rarely seen in film or a book without a pipe in his mouth and Norman Rockwell frequently displayed himself with one as well.

One may question why smoking pipes is such a stand out habit. It still consists of tobacco variant which may lead to issues but has gained acceptance as a fine activity. This maybe because smoking pipes is viewed as a luxury habit as opposed to cigarettes which get smoked quicker. Those new to the activity should learn about the mannerisms involved. Pipe smoking is an art form usually not done correctly by novices.

Smoking pipes calls for the achievement of three rare skills. The first skill is learning the right way of packing the pipe. The second skill is lighting an keeping the pipe lit. The third skill involves curing the pipe. All these skills take some practice. Genuine smokers usually own several pipes where as novice will just own one or two. It takes experimenting learning which ones they like.

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