Sports And Fitness Insurance For The College Athlete

Current and prospective college students are good candidates for a sports and fitness insurance plan, since sports are popular among many students. Some want to continue their favorite athletic activity that they began in high school or earlier, and others want to join friends as part of an intramural team. Sports such as tennis, rugby, touch football, and basketball are common on many campuses, and these fast-paced games do have some risk factors for injuries such as broken bones or sprains. Contact sports always have some element of this risk even for players who are in the recommended physical shape.

Most students would not be able to realistically afford the costs of both their school tuition and any needed out-of-pocket medical expenses, so a sports and fitness policy is worth the investment. The resulting piece of mind is also worth the added monthly premium payment. Many schools even require one of these policies as a condition of sports team eligibility. Along with the right nutrition and exercise routines, a sports and fitness policy is one of the main ways of keeping college student athletes healthy throughout their years in school.


Proper nutrition is especially important for student athletes. College is unfortunately a common place where poor diet habits develop. Those students who need some nutrition changes often make them at the encouragement of concerned parents. The correct amounts of vitamins and other nutrients are essential for sports performance. Strong muscles and bones are less prone to injury and quicker to recover from vigorous activity during games or matches. Student athletes should make sure they are getting the recommended amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthier mono-saturated fats. Lower amounts of body fat can easily improve sports performance by putting less strain on the cardiovascular system.

Many student athletes greatly enjoy their sport of choice and understand the importance of staying in optimal shape for it even during off-seasons such as summers. Some others have room for improvement when it comes to consistent summer training. In this case, parents can help by offering to join in with their students’ workout sessions. Not only will this plan make fitness a family activity, it will decrease the likelihood of student injury during the playing season.

A sports and fitness insurance plan paired with good nutrition and exercise habits can keep any college athlete in good shape for their entire school career and beyond. Many polices come with reasonable monthly premium costs that have a good return on the investment if medical bill coverage is ever needed. Insurance insiders recommend that students and parents shop around and compare several of these insurance plans in order to find the best deal with the right amount of coverage.

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