Stay Protected From Fumes, Dust And Debris With The Right Applications

3M is a science-based company. With a variety of innovative products designed to protect professionals in all industries, 3M has become a respected name in technology. One of the many products offered by 3M is the respirator. 3M respirators come in a variety of different styles for a number of different purposes. If you work in an environment where you need to protect your nose and mouth from dangerous inhalation, you know how important investing in quality respirators can be. Browse the various types of respirators offered by 3M and choose a product designed to protect.

Disposal Respirators by 3M


3M offers an entire lineup of disposable respirators that have been protecting the faces of the nation since 1972. Disposable respirators offer a full range of comfort and are the most affordable type of respirator the company offers. These respiratory protective devices will protect the wearer from dust and other particulates, fumes, odors, small levels of acid gas, and more. The newer types of disposable respirators also use advanced CoolFlow valves that make breathing cooler and more comfortable. Testing and imaging has proven that even disposable applications are effective if they are used properly.

Reusable Respirators by 3M

3M also offers a wide range of reusable respirators that will meet the needs of all types of environments. If you will be using your respirator more often, you may want to invest in a reusable model for the entire office. Reusable 3M respirators come in three different styles: full face, half face, and cartridges. If you are not sure what type of respiratory protective device is right for your work environment, 3M also offers a free respirator selection guide and service life software program to help you make the right selection.

Supplied Air Respirators

Supplied air respirators are for very dangerous environments where the wearer needs to be pumped a stream of clean air for breathing. Several different government agencies and safety professionals use these devices for protection. 3M offers quality and comfortable powered air and supplied air applications that use a powered motor or pressure pump to provide the wearer with the clean air their need to get the job done while still staying safe.

If you do not wear some sort of respiratory protective device and you breath in fumes or dust you are affecting your lungs. Over time, breathing poor quality air can cause health problems that will affect your quality of life. Investing in 3M respirators will protect you and keep your comfortable and happy. Browse through the selection of devices available, refer to the selection guide, and contact 3M representatives with any questions. Stocking your office or warehouse with the right safety equipment and have it when you need it.

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