Stress And Weight Gain

An often overlooked reason for weight gain is stress. In other words it is not a factor we usually consider as being a causative factor in gaining weight. However, as explained below, stress causes the release of cortisol from our adrenal glands resulting in fat deposits in our mid-section. Getting sleep will help you reduce stress and achieve quick weight loss.
When you’re under chronic stress your cortisol levels go up, your serotonin pool is depleted, and your crave more food, usually the exact types of food that result in weight gain..

The more stressed you get the more you will desire high sugar,high carbohydrate, and high fat foods.By decreasing the level of stress hormones, you won’t be as apt to binge on foods, and you will be more equipped to control your eating. You can learn how to lose weight quickly and safely.

Your body releases cortisol in response to what your ancestors perceived as a fight or flight situation. In our modern world we often have the feeling of constant stress and feel ‘stressed out’. This feeling of constant stress results in the constant release of cortisol into our blood stream. Over time this has an adverse consequences on our health.. Our blood sugar levels rise in response to cortisol release because cortisol counteracts the function of insulin. The result is fat deposits in our mid section, not to mention stressing the other organs in our body.

Finding ways to decrease your stress levels is no easy task, however, it is essential to weight reduction.. Constant stress causes a release of cortisol into our blood stream which is continuous.. Over time this causes the accumulation of fat in your mid section ( belly fat ) and the undesirable binge eating problems listed above.

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