StrongVPN Review – Review Of StrongVPN Security Service

StrongVPN is one of the many companies out there providing VPN security to end users and businesses. These services are surprisingly easy to use.

The Basics of StrongVPN

A VPN connection is a secure, encrypted connection that is added to your computer as an option for contacting websites. These connections can also be used to send e-mail, instant messages or any other form of communication online. The basic concept is that the connection provides a way to use the speed of the Internet to transmit messages with the same security that you would enjoy if you are transmitting those messages directly to the computer that you were communicating with without the Internet in between.

How they Work

StrongVPN and other providers generally have one of two ways to set up this network connection. In some cases, you will simply add the VPN connection as another connection in your control panel. In other cases, the provider will have a downloadable file that will make this configuration for you. Users who are not terribly familiar with networking may prefer the latter option, but setting up the connection is not terribly difficult.

When you communicate over the Internet, the VPN connection encrypts the data so that nobody can read it if they happen to intercept it. At the other end of this communication is the VPN server. That server takes whatever request you make and forwards it to the appropriate destination. When that server makes the connection for you, the destination only sees the IP address of that server and not your own. This means that you are completely anonymous when you’re using the service.

Within the VPN server itself, there are generally no logs available for anyone to check so that any requests you make to that server are completely untraceable. This is one of the most attractive features of VPN networks. Providers such as StrongVPN allow users to get out and to enjoy the Internet without wondering who might be snooping on them or trying to gather sensitive data off of their computers. The transmissions between you and the VPN server are completely encrypted, so even this leg of the digital journey is completely secure.

Because these server connections are very easy to set up and get running, many markedly nontechnical people are beginning to make use of them. Privacy has become a concern on everything from social networking sites to Internet pages. E-mails are frequently intercepted and sensitive data grabbed by individuals who set up websites to deliberately capture it. Using these VPN servers, the user has another layer of security that allows them to surf the Internet with a great deal more peace of mind than they would have otherwise and with encryption technology that is, for all intents and purposes, unbreakable.

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