A Brief History Of The Cigar Lighter

In the eight years after 1816 Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner created the precursor to the modern cigar lighter. This invention was soon looking to usurp the humble match from the pockets of smokers all over Europe. Dobereiner’s Lamp was far from portable but it had the technology that made today’s products available.

The History Of The Cigar Lighter – Top Lighters For Cigar Smokers

Cigar lighters have been around for centuries. Although matches can light a cigar, lighters are the top choice among smokers around the world. They are not only convenient, but they also come in plenty of fantastic designs. Some people even collect certain types of lighters.

Cigar Lighter The Indispensable Cigar Smoking Accessory … And More

If you are one who likes nothing more than relaxing and indulging in conversation with your buddies while puffing that prized premium cigar, the right accessories can make such occasions as enjoyable as they can get. If you happen to be a new cigar smoker, chances are, you may be unfamiliar with the kind of […]