Ferrofluids; Not Your Average Magnets

Normally a magnet is thought of as a small and cold piece of decorated metal that is stuck to another metal object like a refrigerator. Magnets can actually be found in a liquid form called ferrofluids, and these liquids actually have similar properties to that of a solid magnet. They are not an actual magnet […]

Information On Ferrofluid And More

Ferrofluid is a balanced liquid that carries miniscule magnetic bits. Iron, cobalt and magnetite are a few of the basic metals. It is critical that these metals are little so they stay in the liquid shape when brought out to a magnetic component. Ferrofluid is moderately like magnetorheological fluid, except the molecules are a lot […]

Industry Giants Optimistic Over Ferrofluid Possibilities

Since the discovery of ferrofluids large industrial firms have been experimenting with the amazing magnetic forces of the nano-particle fluid. It is a unique substance that has both liquid and solid characteristics. Scientists are consistently creating nanometer sized materials.