Ferrofluid Purchase For Making Science Projects

Like every parent, you also want your child to perform well in school. However, at times, it is easier said than done. Children often find science fair projects somewhat worrying because of their competitive nature. When your child is worrying, you as a parent also feel similar pressure. Thankfully, there are various projects, which you […]

Ferrofluids; Not Your Average Magnets

Normally a magnet is thought of as a small and cold piece of decorated metal that is stuck to another metal object like a refrigerator. Magnets can actually be found in a liquid form called ferrofluids, and these liquids actually have similar properties to that of a solid magnet. They are not an actual magnet […]

Information On Ferrofluid And More

Ferrofluid is a balanced liquid that carries miniscule magnetic bits. Iron, cobalt and magnetite are a few of the basic metals. It is critical that these metals are little so they stay in the liquid shape when brought out to a magnetic component. Ferrofluid is moderately like magnetorheological fluid, except the molecules are a lot […]

Industry Giants Optimistic Over Ferrofluid Possibilities

Since the discovery of ferrofluids large industrial firms have been experimenting with the amazing magnetic forces of the nano-particle fluid. It is a unique substance that has both liquid and solid characteristics. Scientists are consistently creating nanometer sized materials.