White Gold-Turkey’s Most Famous Export Item

Meerschaum is often referred to as White Gold, White Goddess, or even Venus of the Sea. Meerschaum is a German word and actually means sea foam. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate, made of millions of tiny fossils of the sea. The best meerschaum comes from Turkey and Africa, where it is mined. The mining […]

Pipes Or Cigarettes?

We live in a time where smoking a pipe has turned into something that only eccentric people do. Most people consider this an old fashioned way of smoking tobacco. This belief, along with the huge availability of filtered cigars has unfortunately turned pipes to the wayside. However, the unmatched sensation found by some smokers contribute […]

Reasons For The Popularity Of Meerschaum Pipes

Experienced pipe smokers know that a big part of the fun of their particular hobby comes from enjoying the pipe itself. Pipe smokers love to experiment with different pipes until they find the one or two that best reflect their personalities and give them a good smoke. Among those who know their pipes, the Meerschaum […]

What You Should Know About Meerschaum Pipes And Humidors

If you want to experience cigars, you need to do your homework to find out the tools you need for a great cigar smoking experience. In the process, you will learn how to maintain the freshness of the product, cutting cigars in the proper manner, and what are the products that will give the best […]

Meerschaum Pipes Are Highly Valued By Pipe Smokers

If you are looking to buy a premier pipe for yourself you could do no better than opting for meerschaum pipes. The bowls of such pipes are made from meerschaum, which is a white mineral and also variously known as sea foam, Venus of the sea, froth, White Goddess and sepiolite. Knowledge about this mineral,its […]

Meerschaum Pipes Are Practical And Elegant

Meerschaum pipes are made out of a soft mineral called Sepiolite. It can be found in the Dead Sea and resembles sea foam floating on the surface. This substance is closely related to soapstone and is usually grey, cream or white. It is known by several different names including White Goddess, Vienna Stone and Venus […]