Remote-Controlled Power Switches

Managing the power associated with your computer system is vital. Overloading your system with electricity can have a negative impact and eventually destroy it, making it worthless. It is possible that all of your valuable data will be lost and never retrieved if this happens. Controlling whether the power source is operable or not can […]

Surge Devices With A Remote Control Power Switch

Most people who own computers use them every day. For this reason it is important to make sure it is going to turn on when you want it to. When the computer receives too much electrical current it can short out the mechanisms inside. The information stored on the internal hard drive could be completely […]

Always On: Remote Control Power Switch

When computers seem to be on the fritz, corporate downtime becomes a complete money waster, as employees anxiously wait for technical help. As network administrators know, sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to fix problems. Rather than spend time driving to the office just to shut off the employee’s computer, a remote control […]