Popular Zippo Lighter

Most everyone has heard of Zippo lighters. These popular lighters have been around a long time and are favored by smokers and collectors. Modern lighters can be relatively inexpensive. However, older, collectible models may have a higher cost. Zippo is constantly updating their lighters for both function and fun. With so many choices, finding the […]

Many Reasons To Get A Zippo Lighter

Back in 1932, the Zippo lighter was introduced to the world as the first ever flame starter that would not be affected by the wind. Zippos are commonly known for those who smoke cigars and cigarettes. They are also very popular among long-time loyal collectors who continue to create innovative ways to put a Zippo […]

The Story Of The Zippo Lighter

The Zippo lighter remains an American icon even when disposable plastic lighters are more common. Each of these lighters is still manufactured according to strict quality standards. A Pennsylvania entrepreneur named George Blaisdell came up with the idea for the Zippo back in 1932. He noticed the innovative wind-blocking structure of a friend’s cigarette lighter […]

Why Choose A Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters gained popularity during the second world war mostly because of their durability and their reliability. Another great feature of a Zippo lighter is that they are very easy to use. These lighters come in various designs ranging from classical to modern. But no matter what the design is, every Zippo lighter is sure […]