The Advanced Technologies You Must Look For In Protective Eye Wear

Wiley X is a leading manufacturer of protective eye wear for a variety of different types of use. If you love visiting the beach during your off time or you ride a motorcycle to commute to and from work every day, you must keep your eyes protected. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in your body. To protect this sensitive organ you can accessorize with quality protective eye wear. Consider more than just looks when you are investing in eye wear. Browse through the technologies used in Wiley X glasses and make a great investment of your hard-earned money.


Climate Control Frames

Climate control is a very important component of protective eye wear. When you are shopping for eye wear, always look for frames that use some sort of advanced climate control technology. Wiley X eye wear uses a quality facial cavity seal that will not only keep your eyes protected, it will also block out the top and the side light, wind, and debris. This makes for the most comfortable motorcycle ride that also prevents obstructions for your safety when driving. The facial cavity is also removable so that you can make sure it stays cleans.

The top down ventilation system incorporated in Wiley X glasses also enhances comfort. If you have ever worn glasses without a ventilation system you know what it feels like when your glasses fog up because of perspiration. Do not affect your view with fog by compromising for a pair of glasses without a ventilation system. Wiley X applications are ventilated so that your eyes can stay cool and free of sweat. When you have fog-free lenses, you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Light Adjusting Lenses

Do you have several different pairs of glasses for different times of the day? If you love limo tints, you know you cannot wear these glasses as the sunsets. If you like lighter lenses, you know they do not offer enough protection when the sun is at its peak. Wiley X glasses come with light adjusting lenses so that you do not have to tote your whole collection with you when you are out all day. The tint change technologies make the lenses darken when the sun gets brighter. Lenses that are dictated by the sun are the best for your eyes and your budget.

Wiley X is committed to providing high velocity protection for professionals, motorcyclists, military personnel, safety workers, and outdoors men. The company also offers a wide range of unisex glasses that look great on both men and women. If you want quality protection without compromising your style, invest in Wiley X glasses and venture out during the day without constantly squinting.

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