The Camelback Hawg

A water bottle and sunscreen are an essential item for any walk. People who engage in this fitness activity in a more serious manner will want to purchase the best equipment possible.  If they want to carry more than just a water bottle, they should consider the Camelbak Hawg. This backpack lets hikers take a sip wherever they go. It also lets them take the back pack through a variety of rough environments.

The amount of liquid the unit can carry is of interest to any hiker. A hiker may find himself many miles away from the nearest source of water. If he is hiking in a desert environment, this is a more severe problem than it is for someone hiking through the forest. The user can store 20 liters of water in the pack. It’s construction will keep the water on the inside and keep the user dried. Reinforced seams on the pack are sealed to prevent moisture from escaping. The design even prevents loss of water through evaporation.

The design of the Hawg lets a person store other equipment that he may want on the hike.  A person can take along a radio or an MP3 player He can rest easy knowing that water from the pack will not destroy his delicate electronics. A belt helps the user distribute the weight evenly.

The price is a little high, but the $120 price tag is not that much higher than the competitor’s products. When a person buys an offering fro Camelbak, he knows what he has bought something that will last him for many years to come.

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