The Great American Lighter

The Zippo lighter is an American icon dating back to the 1930s. The use of them took off during World War II because they were reliable and durable. The variety of designs available for the lighters made them a hot commodity for collectors. Over the years style and design has changed but the quality of the product and its name have remained the same.


Those looking to buy Zippo lighters have a few basic types to choose from, the old fashioned pocket lighter or long tipped varieties for lighting grills or candles. There are also size variations such as slim fitting lighters for women.

Those looking to buy Zippo lighter collectibles need to be careful not to purchase knockoffs. To do this, always look for the Zippo name to be on the lighter. Know that models from the 1950s are stamped with date codes.

Zippos are available in a variety of finishes like gold, chrome, vertical chrome and sable. Many are also adorned with colorful designs such as those from Harley Davidson. There are also unique graphics, military designs, wildlife, music and NASCAR themed lighters.

The Zippo lighter is a great purchase for the person who wants choice, quality and a lighter that will last. Zippos are not run of the mill lighters, they are the choice of collectors and connoisseurs of Americana. Deciding to purchase this multi-function product may fulfill your needs, but not without it’s accessories. Unlike, standard lighters the Zippo is reusable and needs wicks and lighter fluid to function.

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