The Importance Of Using A Transfer Switch

If you are working with electricity it is essential to conduct yourself in a safe manner. As the majority of individual use some type of electrical power on a daily basis, taking it for granted may be an easy trap in which to fall. You need not be scared of electricity, but it must be treated with respect or you could be killed or injured. Surge protectors, breaker systems, and a transfer switch should be used by anyone who wishes to maintain his or her safety.

Switches and breakers can be tripped if an unusual occurrence takes place. For instance, should you accidentally come in contact with a live wire, the power to the wire will be cut by the breaker. You may still get a shock, but you will not be in danger of being electrocuted.


A transfer switch is typically used in combination with a generator. It decides from which source the power comes. During a blackout, the transfer switch will seek its power from the generator. In this way, your business can continue to operate during the blackout.

Surge protectors are similar in many ways to breakers, and keep an electrical surge from harming appliances and other items that run on electricity such as a computer.

All of the aforementioned items must be considered when you are getting ready to open the doors of your business and each one is vital to your personal safety as well as the safety of your employees and customers. Electricity is a valuable tool; however, it should be used with surge protectors, breakers, and a transfer switch.

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