The Importance Of Using A Transfer Switch

There are several advantages of having a backup generator attached to your building through a transfer switch. The first advantage revolves around having the ability to avoid a potential blackout. This is one important feature of the transfer switch. It helps business owners avoid putting their employees in a dangerous situation. It is dangerous to have employees working around complex machinery when the lights go off.

The same principle holds true at schools. A severe storm can lead to a major power outage. A school normally hosts hundreds of children. It is virtually impossible to escort all the children out of the school without secondary lighting in place. Secondary lighting can also help children stay calm while exiting the building.


One may want to consider having a generator connected to a transfer switch in order to preserve precious computer files. Unfortunately, many businesses lose their files in a power outage. A transfer switch gives businesses the luxury of shutting down their computers safely. Losing precious files can hurt any business tremendously.

A backup generator will always come in handy if a natural disaster occurs. A hurricane or a tornado can kill the power within one moment. A blizzard can also kill the power. The snow’s weight can cause significant damage to power lines. The presence of emergency power can save lives during a natural catastrophe.

The transfer switch should never be ignored if one decides to use a backup generator. This handy piece is mandatory for businesses to use. This safeguard is in place to help preserve the lives of hard working employees.

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