The Many Choices In Front Exterior Doors

When choosing front exterior doors for your home there are numerous options to choose from, such as wood, glass, metal, vinyl or a combination of these. You have the option of a traditional look or a more modern style. The main function of the front door is security, but you also want it to look nice and help insulate the home during all weather conditions.


If custom ordering front exterior doors, not only can you choose the style and material, but also the hardware, hinges, and knobs or handles. You may even have the choice of stain or color. Make sure all these options are in harmony with each other.

French doors have become quite popular, not only because they are elegant looking, but they are very handy to have when moving furniture in and out of the house since the opening is double the normal doorway. Glass doors also bring a sophisticated look and a touch of mystery when using beveled or frosted glass. Doors do not have to be the traditional rectangular shape; many come with an arched top for a more subtle elegance.

Metal doors are more weather resistant than wood doors and so are not as susceptible to warping, shrinking and rotting. They also tend to be better insulators. But wood doors tend to look more decorative and sophisticated especially if there is some extra styling to them and have a nice sheen from a varnished finish.

Front exterior doors are not solely limited for use on the front of the home, but also as back doors or even side entrances. If a person is handy doing home repairs, installing a door is not all that complicated and would be much cheaper than hiring a professional. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional or a handyman. However the door is installed it will enhance the entry to your home.

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