The supreme Self-help guide to lockerz redemption

The ins and outs:

Lockerz is invitation only. To obtain a single, you have to e mail a Lockerz member we will be sending you an invite ASAP. I really don’t use Lockerz a lot any more, for good reasons which is to be talked about beneath, but I will be nevertheless willing to enable you to in order to test it out. A swift be aware: is real; I have tried personally it prior to and get obtained prizes.

You will get two points for logging into sites, two or 4 factors for answering the daily query, two factors for inviting that you join plus they accept, and a couple of points for watching a movie. Redemptions happen each and every month randomly occasions, when you can takes place factors for getting good prizes just like an Itouch, IPad, PayPal cash, and Xbox, PS3, and Wii video games, along with other prizes that change each month. Beware although; redemptions have become quick as a result of high demand.

Lockerz Redemption

-Only observe movies on special “Double PTZ Days” which often arise about 3-4 days before a redemption. This may help save time watching uninteresting videos and will allow you to gain factors more speedily.

-You aren’t required to really observe video clips. Just click on the link for your video, and want to do something else. After you return, just send in the “captcha” the sequence of letters helpful to see whether you are human, and you will nonetheless gain factors.

-You can install the toolbar that notifies you every time a redemption is going to occur on this link. Take care though, We have heard mixed evaluations that say someties the toolbar rule isn’t followed.

-To redeem a prize, you need to send in your address so Lockerz will know where you should ship the prize. Autofill forms are helpful so you can saving time rather than overlook a redemption. Here’s a very good autofiller for Firefox.

-If you invite 20 people you’re friends with who join Lockerz, you may turned into a “Z-Lister”. They get special privileges just like acquiring double factors for whatever they do: 4 rather than 2 factors for signing in, 4 rather then 2 factors for watching a video, and 8 instead of 4 points for watching a slidemovie during “Double PTZ Days”. I’d give you advice to try to become a Z-Lister if you wish to gain points as quickly as possible.

-You can certainly still get prizes for free in case you lose out the redemption. Should you go to their shop, you are able to reduce the expense of a specific thing with PTZ until it becomes cost-free. Even so, utilizing PTZ using this method might be more costly. A Wii game that amounted to $50 is merely 575 factors for any redemption, but 5333 points at the shop.

Benefits and drawbacks of Joining Lockerz:


-It is incredibly an easy task to enroll
-Points can be earned and never demand an excessive amount assumed
-Very great prizes can be acquired from redemptions
-You can easily still get prizes for anyone who is underneath 18.


-Gaining sufficient points to secure a very good prize are simple, but at times is often time-consuming, especially if you are usually not a Z-Lister
-Redemptions conclude rapidly and will be missed effortlessly if you do not are lucky or use the toolbar.

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