Time Tracking for the Mac with Eon

March 2nd, 2011 by John Reeve

The Intervals API has been out in the wild for several months now. In addition to building our own Mobile experience on top of the API, we’ve encountered others using the API in creative ways to track their time.

The folks over at Fuel Collective have added Intervals to the list of applications supported in Eon, their time tracking app for the Mac. If you are an Intervals customer looking for a way to track time on a Mac without requiring a web browser, Eon just might be a good fit for you.

Eon provides the basic, yet essential, elements for tracking your time — Start and stop timers, and apply tracked time to your client’s projects. Easily track your time and let Intervals do the heavy lifting when running reports and invoicing clients.

And if you are not an Intervals customer, this is all the more reason to become one. Sign up today and try Intervals free for 30 days. You just might like it 😉

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