Uses Of Steel Balls

People often forget the importance of simple objects in the workings of everyday activities. It has gotten to the point where common designs and mechanics are taken for granted even though few people realize how different some aspects life would be without them. A great example of something often considered mundane is steel balls which are present in the structure and operation of many things.


Electric Guitar

The electric guitar was a breakthrough for the development of new music in the rock and heavy metal scenes. Many of these guitars have a floating bridge which allows the guitar strings to be slackened in order to produce the multitude of sliding sounds in these different music styles. As it turns out, the hinge of this specialized bridge relies on metal balls to provide a low-friction surface for its movement.


When different types of jewelry are closely examined, it is apparent that metallic balls make up a good part of its design as well. Because of the treatments available to provide a variety of finishes, luster, and color, metal balls are used commonly in decorations and jewelry. They are extremely popular among piercing jewelry used all over the body.

Other Applications

Metals balls are used in a large variety of other products throughout the consumer industry. Some of these items include guns and cars. Vehicles require the use of many bearings that are required for turning, alignment, etc. These bearings require smooth and durable balls in order to function correctly. Before the use shell bullets, people had to use gunpowder and metal balls to shoot things efficiently.

All in all, steel balls are used throughout many everyday items as well as not so everyday items. Their use ranges from entertainment, transportation, and aesthetics; just to name a few. Always remember how seemingly mundane items could serve as the most useful.