Watch US TV Shows Outside the Country

Do you know that even when you are outside the United States, you can still watch restricted TV Channels through the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN? This is beneficial for Americans living abroad, who wishes to catch American TV programming, shows they grew up with, or catch up with news inside the country. This could have been very easy, because of the internet, but regrettably most major networks like NBC, FOX, CBS, HULU, and ABC limit the access of their programs from outside the United States. The good news, though, is that there’s a way to bypass these restrictions. Continue reading, and I can provide you instructions on how to unblock TV Shows from the US.

One reason why it’s not hard to bypass these restricted TV Channels is that the same method for checking whether you are inside the US or not is being used by all networks/websites, which is by checking your IP address. An IP address is a unique identifier of your computer, through it; websites can detect your location. Even if you have an IP address from a different country, using VPN can help make it appear to website owners that you are accessing their sites from the US.

The Process of Obtaining a US IP

In order to deceive websites to believing you are inside the US, you first need to acquire a US IP address, which a connection to a virtual private network can provide. The process is that when you connect to the internet using a VPN, the data you will send out will be sent to a server in the US that will become your middleman in connecting to the websites you will visit. This ‘middleman’ is the only one that the website you’re visiting will see, and since it’s a server in the US with an American IP address, you will be able to access their entire sites, stream content – restriction free. The terms may be technical, and the process may appear to be complicated, but it’s really not. Setting up and using a VPN connection is simple and easy.

How to Obtain a VPN Connection

There are a great number of VPN service providers around that you can browse online. You can check out user reviews to see which one is the best. When choosing, it’s best to look at how consistent the service is, affordability, and the support system. Support system is very important, because you can’t avoid encountering technical problems once in a while, and it’s good to know there’s always someone you can contact for help. There are different VPN service plans, and once you signed up for one, you will be sent a confirmation email, along with the service set-up instructions.

Using a VPN can provide you great benefits. You cannot only access websites that are restricted from your location, you can also surf the web privately, even if you connect using Wi-Fi connections in hotels that are available to the public.

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