What Can I Do To Sell My Mobile?

I think just about everyone has one or two – possibly more than two mobile phones that they have hidden away somewhere. These are phones that are old, but they are in working order. We ultimately have no idea what to do with them which is why we keep them. There are a few things you might want to think about when you sell your mobile and a few venues you might want to consider. The first option is to donate the item to a charity.

These charities offer two main options. You can either give it to a person that really needs it, but might not otherwise be able to afford it; someone at the poverty level, a single parent or a student or you could give it to one of our soldiers overseas. There are charities and donations centers for soldiers over seas such as:

Cell Phones for Soldiers: Cell Phones for Soldiers is a registered 501(c)3 charity, dedicated to helping every U.S. service member call home for free. The organization took a novel approach to fundraising, collecting old cell phones that are too often left sitting in drawers. The Bergquists have teamed up with ReCellular, Inc. to process their phones and are paid for every phone they collect, with the average phone worth enough to provide a 60 minute calling card for international use. ReCellular is the worlds largest mobile device recycler, processing over 2 million phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers in 2008 alone.

The other option available to you, would be to sell them on eBay, Amazon or quite possibly on Craigslist. You won’t get a ton of money when you sell your mobile, but at least it will get it off your back and out of your drawers! The third option would be to sell my mobile to a mobile phone recycling center. These cash for phones websites actually buy back your old working mobile and will give you cash for phones. You can sell your mobile on a recycle mobile website or find a specific brand site to sell your mobile such as iPhone recycling.

iPhone recycling is probably the best because of how feature rich and technology rich the Apple phone is! But, you can sell your mobile no matter the brand! There are quite a few websites online, but personally I prefer a comparison website. These sites work very quickly and will save you a lot of time. Put in the model and brand as well as type of phone and these websites will let you see side by side comparisons of various phone recycling sites online and how much they will give you when you sell your mobile!

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