What’s Nice About A Cigar Lighter Socket

The cigar lighter has long been a part of cars. The cigar lighter socket was originally simply a nifty way of lighting up their favorite cigar or cigarette. All it took was pressing it in and waiting a few moments for it to pop out. As people stopped smoking as much, this feature was not used as much, but the feature was expanded to allow adapters to be plugged into power, allowing the vehicle to charge or power up portable vacuum cleaners,mobile phones, alarm systems, and various other small devices. This option allowed the car to have more options and expanded its utility, allowing such things as global-positioning systems and laptops to be used from the car without needing an outside source of power.


The car’s lighter socket is plagued by various problems, such as the non-standardized size of sockets and plugs. Although adapter plugs are readily available, slight differences in sizes make it loose enough to wobble, detaching the car goes through a rough patches, such as dirt roads or pothole-infested streets. The power also tends to unstable, resulting in malfunctions. Plugged-in devices can be protected from power fluctuations. An AC/DC converter can help deal with most power fluctuations. Devices should not be plugged while the car battery is being jump-started or disconnected; any devices plugged in during a jump-start will be short-circuited. Using the cigar lighter socket as a source of power is a great option, but one that can lead to tragedy if not treated with the proper respect.

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