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Having a pet dog can be a source of great joy for any living soul, as the companionship and sense of fun demonstrated by “man’s best friend” makes them incredible, loyal pets. If you want the canine to behave in a respectful, kindly way it is worth training it to at least some degree, so that it does not transgress in terms of demeanor and ruin what would otherwise be a lovely friendship. On the other hand, you do not want to prepare the personality out of your pooch. Much of the gratification of having a pet canine is in the fact that it has its own individual foibles and habits.

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It is therefore important to pay attention to how you go about training a canine. There are things you should and should not do:

DO reward your dog for getting things right. This is how they learn that their demeanor is first-class.

DO NOT simply reward a dog out of habit. If it gets something half right, or makes a half-hearted effort, and still gets rewarded, its incentive will disappear.

DO speak to your dog in a bright tone when training it; it will react to the inflection of your voice.

DO NOT use a scolding tone to see how the canine reacts. Yes, some canines look extremely cute when they feel guilty, but if they don’t know why then it’s unfair to them.

DO enjoy training your dog. And see to it that they enjoy it too, because life is too short for futile fussing.

Many owners find that the most eye-opening part of having a canine comes the first time you take it for a move along on foot on a leash. Dogs love the outdoors – although sometimes if the weather is not so super they prefer under a table – and will want to explore the moment they get outside the door. But for reasons we can all understand – the safety of other people, the fear that a canine will run into the road, and others – it is essential to keep a dog on a leash when you take it for a jog. This can be interesting, the first few times.

Canines, you see, will try to cover as much ground as they possibly can all at once. Everything is fascinating to them. Remember that a dog has a sense of smell that allows it to recognize you, the rest of your family and other canines even hours after they have been around. When it gets outdoors it will suddenly smell so many different things, and want to check everything out. It will do this by tugging so hard on the lead that your shoulder threatens to leave its socket.

When dogs try to get away from you it is not because they want to run away, but because they want to be everywhere at once. A fine dog will do its best to move along on foot nicely on the leash, but you will need to act as its eyes, because its nose will be on the ground. If it tries to drag you on the leash, you need to sharply tug the lead and let the canine know that you are dictating the pace. It is for the canine’s safety, after all. What kind of dog to you have?? I have a border terrier

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Want to learn more about training your dog – look-in here and the web’s first-rate and easy to read Dog Training Website. http://trainingdoginfo.com/

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