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Insurance Options for the Business Owner

Small business owners often recognize the need for an insurance policy, yet they question which one is the most affordable but comprehensive for their needs. It can seem like a tremendous expense when signing up for liability insurance, but there is a way to maximize the services received with the amount invested. A commercial package policy, or CPP, can provide the most efficient coverage for your needs.

What Does Your Coverage Offer?

If you operate a small business, you may not need expensive coverage services usually associated with the risks and liabilities of large corporations. However, if your business is growing and you want to keep up with the exposures you will encounter, you probably need more than a general business owners policy. A CPP can give you a more personalized coverage plan, but without breaking your budget.

While it won’t give you coverage in areas of workers compensation, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance or directors and officer liability, you will find that the ability to customize the following options a definite plus of a commercial package policy.

  • General liability
  • Property coverage
  • Business auto coverage
  • Crime protection overage

Being able to craft a policy with a combination of these coverages will be the best protection you can bring to your business investment. Each dollar will be well-spent toward purposefully addressing your risks and exposures.