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Two Basic Insurance Coverages For Your New Business

Are you a new business owner searching for insurance? While the process of finding insurance coverage may be tedious and sometimes confusing, taking your time to find the right coverage for your business is well worth it as settling for inadequate coverage may prove to be costly in the future. To help you in your decision-making process, here is a breakdown of the two most basic coverages that you will likely need to include in your policy.

Liability Insurance

There are several forms of liability insurance, but their general purpose is to provide coverage for your business in case a third party experiences an injury or property damage as a result of your business activities. In the event of a lawsuit pertaining to such an incident, your policy will cover any legal or medical fees for which you’re liable. Glen Rock commercial liability insurance is an example of the type of coverage that can be included in your policy.

Property Insurance

Simply put, commercial property insurance covers your property, whether they be physical or digital. Your policy will pay to repair or replace any items damaged or lost due to incidents such as fires, thunderstorms, vandalism or cyber-attacks.

Glen Rock commercial liability insurance and property insurance can be lumped together with other essential coverages into what’s known as package insurance. An experienced agent can help you customize the right package to suit your needs.