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Insurance Considerations for Linen Rental Services

There are many events that require linen rentals in order to create the proper ambience. Meetings, weddings and celebrations are just a few that may require these items on a large scale. With a linen rental service, customers can look forward to receiving exactly what they need, laundered, freshly-pressed and ready to use. Then after the event has ended, can look forward to the convenience of having these items picked up and then processed for the next customers. A valuable service like this, like any business, comes with its own set of special needs. With linen rental insurance, a business like this can be run more confidently knowing that there are protections against the unique exposures and risks experienced in this line of work.

Specialized Coverage

While customers may only see the drop-off, set-up and pick-up procedures of linen rental services, there is plenty more that goes on behind the scenes. Some special considerations that may very well need coverage include:

  • Business autos used to transport supplies and products
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Maintenance and replacement of costly machines and equipment
  • Property where business is conducted
  • Pollution liability
  • Legal claims

Having safeguards against these factors can help a business run more smoothly. Speak to an agent today about the advantages of linen rental insurance.