oil insurance company

Working Towards a Better Future With Great Insurance

Not matter your location, you need the right oil insurance company in order to safeguard your future. Whether you own a few mainland drills or numerous offshore rigs, a variety of incidents can occur that place a strain on your savings. With adequate protection, you can keep your operations open and keep your employees safe.

Oil Insurance 101

While searching for insurance, you have likely encountered a number of different policies that are specific to the oil industry. Learning about a few relevant policies can help you choose the right coverage for you.

Pollution: While you may hope your operation is free from accidents, a spill or leak can happen when you least expect it. Thankfully, pollution insurance can help you cover the costs involved with cleanup.

Cargo: Cargo insurance is there when incidents occur involving your business’s vehicles and its cargo. This can include fire or loss.

Rigs and Equipment: Protecting your expensive equipment can help take care of your savings. Thankfully, rig and equipment insurance is built to handle the repairs and replacement of this kind of property.

Other coverages include general liability, employment practices and directors and officers insurance. Working with the right oil insurance company can mean the difference between years of healthy operation and permanent closure. Reach out to an agency, and take care of your assets today.