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Keeping Your Healthcare Agency Covered

If you operate a healthcare facility, you know how important this type of care has become to the medical community for improving the quality of life for many elderly and disabled individuals. With the task of ensuring your client and patient safety, you are also faced with keeping your operations safe from a number of risks and liabilities. With the right facility insurance policy in place, you can continue to address the needs that are most important for your patients.

Many healthcare facilities have found themselves under cyber-attack, as hackers have found medical and personal information to be a gold mine for their twisted schemes. Medical records and patient accounts are valuable to hackers for the direct connection that is often provided to health insurance and financial data. A general liability policy isn’t going to be enough to address this threat.

Comprehensive facility insurance should account for all of the operations that take place. In addition to the liabilities associated with care operations and the property itself, many agencies offer transportation services for either private passengers or vans. Crime, abuse and theft are also potential threats. Violations of patient rights, director’s liability and protection for medical directors acting within the scope of their duties is also needed coverage. Check to make sure your current policy addresses these threats.