3 Ideas to Make Your Testimonials Convert Far Better

If you’re running an online business, selling a product or a service, it’s important that you use your customer testimonials in the best way, so that your new customers know exactly what they’re in for. Yet if you want website visitors to get the right impression, these testimonials have to be displayed correctly; otherwise they won’t be effective. Testimonials can be effective, but only if you know how to make best use of them. What follows are three important principles that will make the testimonials you use much more effective.

Utilizing experienced testimonials can really make your product look good, since good comments coming from an expert is very valuable. However, don’t use too many testimonials from experts in your niche. This is because they are obviously going to be biased and look commercial. You want your potential clients to have a good viewpoint about your product, but have it done in a delicate manner. So if you’re planning to use any “guru testimonials” then ask them to tone down their feedback and keep it balanced. Mix these testimonials with some of the ones from your customers.

A good way to use testimonials is to make prospects feel safe by addressing any likely objections. Your happy customers can write testimonials that reassure your possible customers that any fears they have about ordering your product are not anything to worry about. By anticipating the fears and objections of your potential customers, these testimonials will show people that your product can really help them. At the same time, you don’t want all your testimonials to address the same issues, as they should be varied in tone.

Finally, the golden rule about a published testimonial is to ensure that it is not fake. Your future clients are too wise to fall for biased testimonials. They will be able to make it out. If the testimonials you got contain some criticism of your product along with the praise, use it, but faking them is a strict no-no.

A few unprofessional internet marketers have resorted to faking their testimonials without giving it a second thought. However, their goal is not to be in business for a long time. Your intention is to obtain the trust of your potential customers and build your business with good relationships and not scamming them. In summary, applying the above tips can be very helpful for increasing the effectiveness of testimonials on your website. Testimonials will help you boost your sales if you put them out the right way, but doing it wrong will have more of a negative impact than a positive one. The whole point of testimonials is to add credibility to your products and business, and this can be easily accomplished if you keep these tips in mind.

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