Many insurance agents have realized the importance of adopting SEO as a primary lead generation strategy. An insurance website becomes more attractive and valuable when SEO keywords are the focus. Though there are many ways to enhance SEO opportunities, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Have Premium Web Hosting

Don’t skimp on your website by choosing low-quality hosting. Develop a digital presence that can withstand heavy traffic flow, that has a smaller chance of being hacked, and that can be accessed quickly from multiple devices. A fast website experience should be the foundation of your digital marketing plan.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

You won’t know how to develop a strong insurance SEO keyword strategy unless you know what the keywords are. With a tool like Ubersuggest, or through partnering with a digital marketing company, you can uncover keywords related to what consumers are looking for and tailor your content to meet those demands. A good keyword will let your copy rank better more quickly.

3. Optimize Content

Don’t create content and insert the keyword. Build the content around the topics related to strong keywords. Review any current content you have and add or edit to make it work with your keywords.


If you haven’t thought about SEO, you are already falling behind the competition. Not sure where to start? Consider working with an agency to get your digital presence up to speed.