4 Funded Proposal Examples to Instantly Double Cash Flow

I decided to put together this document and give you some funded proposal examples because I think it is THE most necessary principle for each and every network marketing company.

If you’re not familiar using a funded proposal, it’s basically a way to make up-front cash from people, even if they don’t want anything to do with your MLM. Because MLM’s tend to take a little while to build up, it’s a must that you may earn money elsewhere so that you can be in profit from the very beginning.

Now, the most familiar of the funded proposal examples is to set it up so that a prospect goes Capture Page ==> Funded Proposal ==> MLM Page. However, that is just one of the strategies to do it, and I’m not going to go over that one here. These different ones I’m listing are some of my favorites plus may be really easy to work.

Funded Proposal Examples:

#1. Offer a service. I put this one first, because it’s my favorite. Learning one particular skill can take just a few days, however you may leverage it for revenue for the rest of your life. For example, I set up blogs for people at $197 a pop. I recognize they’re a tad technical, but I learned the whole thing in about a week, possibly 2.

Another easier idea is to make headers for people. You can create them for free at xheader.com. By learning how to implement that tool effectively, bloggers will be willing to pay you for it.

One more idea (and one that doesn’t really take any time to learn) is to write articles for people. There are a gazillion sites that offer this, so just Google it and you’ll be overwhelmed with opportunities for ghost writing.

#2. Offer a consultation. Another good one because it creates instant income to your bank account, but also establishes a TON of trust with the people you speak to. Simply figure out how much you want to charge, how long your consultations are, and you can also offer monthly packages to earn more money. Then, put up a tab on your blog offering it!

#3. Adsense through your blog. This one won’t make you rich, unless you have insane quantities of traffic, but it is totally passive and takes 30 seconds to set up. Using the Flexibility Theme for WordPress (my favorite!) all you have to do is go to Flexibility Options, and then click on Adsense and fill out the information they ask for. Simple as pie.
Now, this one won’t create much money, but if it can cover your mlm autoship, then you’re able to build a business without worrying about the monthly cost!

#4. Affiliate offers. You’re maybe already doing this to some degree, but some ideas to market them work greater than others. The most effective method is to offer a valuable tool when conversing on the phone, skype, or Facebook messages. When you’re talking one-on-one you can find what that person really needs. And since you’re offering a beneficial tool (and one that you’re leveraging to have success) they’re very likely to choose to use it, too.

You may direct them to a page on your blog where you list all the tools you use, along with a quick description and link to purchase it through you.
I believe it’s vitally essential to implement at least one of these funded proposal examples, if not all 4. The sooner you may create a cash flow, the sooner you may invest that money back into your business.

With these sources of income, there is no “shelf life” for your business. Many people run out of cash paying for their MLM as well as different tools, and have to bow out. Using these methods, you’ll never have to quit because you won’t be maxing out your credits each month to pay for operating costs.

Your success starts with you, so make it happen!

Erin wrote these Funded Proposal Examples to show network marketers a great opportunity. To see how Erin has taught hundreds of other MLM’ers to generate 10-15 times more leads than the average network marketer on the internet, check out Funded Proposal Examples now!

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