A Brief Bit Of Past Knowledge About Cast Iron Umbrella Stands

If you find a cast iron umbrella stand that was made in the 19th or 20th century you could be sitting on a lot of money. There is more interest in antiques today than ever before. This is partly because of the recession and partly because of the awareness of our impact on climate change and global warming. Unlike other antique furniture, it is relatively easy to repair and clean up cast iron pieces. You simply need to remove the rust and repaint them. If the piece has been damaged beyond repair, for example part of the carving could be broken or missing you can arrange for the iron to be smelted down and refashioned into a new style.

The Victorians and Edwardians enjoyed beautiful objects and if you find a cast iron umbrella stand from either of these periods it is likely to be very beautiful. Previous to these eras the tendency was to produce items more for their use rather than their looks. Although it has to be said some of the very simple pieces of cast iron furniture are beautiful as a result of their simplicity. These classical pieces suit any home as they are timeless. They tend to add a touch of class and glamour to most outdoor spaces even those considered less attractive. Floral and leaf designs also remain very popular today.

You can purchase these pieces from garden furniture shops, wholesale shops, auction houses and even online. Cast iron is rarely used these days so their value may increase with time. Modern pieces are usually fashioned from aluminum or a similar material although wood also remains popular.

If you own an elegant or ornate cast iron umbrella stand do look after it. If properly maintained these pieces will last a lifetime and can be passed onto future generations if you wish.

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