A Private Network for your Business

When a business grows, it will be apparent when it branches out all over the country, or even abroad. In order to keep the communication between the branches going well for the betterment of the business, the company needs to provide a faster way of corresponding, which should also be reliable and secure, since company information will be sent through the said network. On the other hand, employees of companies who need to do business abroad need to have a connection that’s just as secure as the one they have in their offices. These employees often connect to the internet using Wi-Fi connections in hotels, and they need the right protection so that sensitive company information will not be accessed by third party individuals.

A computer technology that can achieve the objective of providing a secure connection through the internet is a virtual private network, or VPN. It is a private network that utilizes the services of a public network, which is the internet, to link together users or remote sites. Virtual connections are employed by a VPN through the internet so that an employee working from a remote site, or the remote site itself, will be connected to a private network of a business or company. Business security is ensured through the use of a VPN connection, since the data sent on the web are all encrypted.

If you are surprised to hear about this technology, you should know that this type of service has been around for years already. Before, companies with multiple offices in different locations made use of leased lines to link them all together. Leased lines, like that of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), were private networks offered by telecommunication companies. Companies used the services of these leased lines to reach business locations apart from their main branch. The services that leased lines provided were secure and reliable, the only problem was they were too expensive, with the price increasing as the distance of the remote location also rises. Only big companies were able to afford leased lines back then.

Because of the availability of a VPN connection, companies were able to drop their leased lines and lower their costs when it comes to connection to remote locations and employees. VPN made this possible without sacrificing the security and reliability of communications that leased lines provided. Not only that, even small businesses that needs the services of leased private lines before, but cannot do so because of the cost, are now able to enjoy the same services with VPN with a much more affordable price. The decrease in the cost for a private network, business are able to divert funds to other important projects or facilities that are as equally important as protecting sensitive company data exchanged on the web.

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