A Word From Our Sponsor On A Great Company For Dentists Professional Liability

When it comes to finding good dentists professional liability for your client that may need this type of specialty insurance, there are many options out there. However, you want to go with a top of the line insurance company such as AFPD to ensure that your client will be happy with their service and well taken care of. AFPD stands for Administrators for the Professions of Delaware, Inc. and carries an A+ rating on its dentists professional liability specialty. This rating comes from A.M. Best & Company who are reliable to rate the insurance carriers for you.
There are many factors to this dentists professional liability program such as a broad definition of professional services to cover you in places you may not normally be covered. AFPD wants to make sure your client is well taken care of and backed up in case of a liability issue anywhere they may incur one. The policies can also cover prior acts and an automatic end of the client suffers death or disability permanently. If there is a case of a small maternity leave of disabling of some sort, there can be premium breaks for this time to make sure you client is not paying for insurance when they aren’t in practice and don’t need it. This can help keep your clients happy and loyal to you as well.

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