A Word From Our Sponsor On Buying The Right Insurance For Delivery Programs

If you own a fast food delivery program, your insurance needs may not be the same as traditional commercial auto insurance needs. Here are some tips to get the right auto insurance policy that covers what you need at a price that fits your budget.

When you have hired drivers for a fast food delivery program, it is your responsibility to provide, or help your delivery drivers find, the right kind of auto insurance that protects both your vehicles and your drivers. If your employees operate their own vehicles to deliver your products, they may be required to carry additional coverage, and you can help them find a policy that works.

If you or your employees have personal insurance on a vehicle, some personal auto insurance companies do not provide the additional coverage necessary for delivery service vehicle use. If your current insurance company does not offer the additional coverage, they may be able to advise on what types of coverage you need and help you find a company that can provide a policy that will work for you.

When you shop for the policy, be sure to let the insurance carrier know how often the vehicles will be used for delivery and business purposes, approximately how many miles the cars will be driven, what time of day they will be used for business reasons, and geographically where your fast food delivery program operates.

You can shop around to find the best rates on commercial delivery auto insurance, and get the coverage that will protect your business in case of an accident, theft, or other unexpected event.

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