A Word From Our Sponsor On Municipality Insurance For Local Governments

Elected officials, government employees, and municipal volunteers acting on behalf of their city or town are all covered by the municipality insurance New York coverage of their local government. The potential errors, omissions, and regulatory violations of such persons can result in serious financial risk for a municipality. Resulting lawsuits have the potential to seriously impact municipal budgets or even lead to bankruptcy. These are the reasons for which municipality insurance New York coverage exists.

Most importantly, municipalities should carry general liability insurance. Such coverage protects local governments when allegations of personal injury, bodily injury, or property damage are claimed. There exist any number of circumstances under which a person could claim injury or damage as the result of a municipality’s negligence. Foster care placement and adoptions pose substantial liability risk. Management of public works and utilities create significant risk for local governments. Municipalities can be accused of libel or discrimination. All such circumstances can lead to costly legal fees and judgments.

Public officials hold a considerable amount of power. When their duties are performed erroneously or negligently, the city or town can be held financially responsible. Errors or omissions made by civil servants can lead to considerable monetary damages for affected persons, which can in turn lead to legal claims. Such circumstances further represent the need for municipality insurance New York coverage.

In addition, law enforcement agencies and personnel are involved in activities that regularly pose a liability risk. In their performance of duties to protect the community, they can be accused of misuse of power, violation of civil rights, false arrest, or unnecessary use of force. Municipality insurance can provide protection against this type of liability for local governments as well.

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