A Word From Our Sponsor On Reasons To Have Workers Compensation

In many workplaces, the probability of getting hurt on the job is very low. Even in higher risk professions, the employer usually has a set of regulations, safety equipment, training, and other measures in place in order to avoid any accidental injuries. Still, it is important to purchase workers compensation auto dealer insurance. Aside from the fact that there are various legal requirements for workers compensation on the books, there are many advantages to having workers compensation insurance for your business.
If you own an automobile dealership, there are likely several facets of the dealership. While some employees carry a very low risk, such as those who primarily talk to customers, answer phones, and perform other clerical duties, there are others who are more likely to be involved in some sort of accident at work. If your dealership washes, repairs, or does maintenance on cars, you likely have equipment that is heavy and can pose a risk if it is not used correctly. While training programs and other measures can provide a degree of protection for your employees, workers compensation auto dealer insurance is another way that you can protect them. This insurance provides medical benefits and pays for necessary treatments when they are injured on the job. It also protects your business because, in order to use workers compensation, the employee must sign a waiver saying that he or she will not pursue any legal action against your company.

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