A Word From Our Sponsor On Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse

It may be possible for some people to use recreational or prescription drugs without experiencing addiction or abuse. For others, substance abuse can occur and start causing problems at work, school, home and in relationships. This can leave the person feeling ashamed or helpless and can lead to isolation.

Warning signs of drug abuse come in many shapes and forms. For one, you could witness physical changes in a person such as bloodshot eyes, change in appetite, deterioration of physical appearance, or slurred speech. Often times behavior will begin to change and the drug abuser may start skipping work or school, steal money or change who they are friends with. Usually these changes are rather sudden and family members might be thinking that something just isn’t right.

Mood swings, lack of motivation and paranoia might also be warning signs. The drugs can quickly become the most important thing to an abuser. Substance abuse of drugs can be very powerful and consuming. The only thing that is important to the abuser is drugs. It is important to keep a close eye on someone you feel is abusing drugs in order to pick up on these warning signs. The drug abuser will do whatever they have to do to lie to protect them and to keep people from knowing the truth.

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