A Word From Our Sponsor On What Liability Only Means With Maryland Car Insurance

Just like most other states, Maryland car insurance is a requirement for those who choose to drive a car. Drivers can generally choose what sort of policy they carry, but there is usually a minimum of carrying at least a liability only policy. Some drivers may not fully understand what liability only actually means. Here is a brief explanation of what liability only can mean with auto insurance.

Liability only insurance basically covers a driver if he or she is at fault in an accident. For many states around the U.S., there is a minimum coverage requirement when carrying liability insurance. For Maryland car insurance, the requirement is 20/40/15. This means that drivers are required to carry at least $20,000 bodily injury coverage per person injured in an accident, $40,000 bodily injury coverage per accident occurred, and $15,000 per accident coverage for damages to property. Policies will differ, but this coverage is generally considered the minimum requirement for insured drivers in the state of Maryland.

Maryland car insurance is a requirement for state residents wishing to drive. Although drivers are allowed to choose a policy, premium, and deductible that meets their needs, the minimum requirement is to have at least liability only coverage. Although this may not cover all damages in an accident, it can still really help a driver out if he or she is at fault in an auto accident.

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