A Word From Our Sponsor On Workers Compensation Benefits

Working with an insured to make sure they have provided correct information for their workers compensation coverage is very important. If they have provided false information it could result in heavy fines or worse. Your insured needs to understand that this coverage benefits them as well as their employees.
If an employee has to file a claim for workers compensation benefits, the procedure is pretty straightforward. The first thing the employer will want to do is file a first report of injury which will go to the insurance company and likely the state labor commission as well. From there it will be up to the employee to file any further paperwork. However, the insurance company or labor commission may have additional questions for the employer.
Each claim filed could have an effect on your insured’s premium. And the insurance company will be likely be reviewing each claim filed on an ongoing basis to prevent any fraudulent claims or payments. The goal of the insurance company will be to get the employee back to work as quickly as possible but not before they have been cleared by their doctor to return to work.
Workers compensation seems like it is a simple insurance coverage on the surface. However, when you dig into the interworking of how the coverage works it is not that simple. And to add to the confusion it is one of the most highly regulated insurance coverages.

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