Advantages To Custom Magnets

Advertising is a necessity if you own your own business. Custom magnets are a creative and versatile way to advertise your business. You can have business card magnets made up that customers can place on their refrigerators. Next time they need your business, they can find your number easily. Another option for custom magnets is to create a large one of your business logo and phone number. You can put the magnet on your vehicle door and advertise as you drive around town.


Besides advertising business, custom magnets are great for birth announcements and save the date for weddings. You can even print photos as well as text on these magnets. There are magnetic frames that you can put your photos in also.

If you have a charity, custom magnets are a great way to raise funds for your cause. You can sell your magnets with your cause imprinted on them and people can place them on the back of their cars to promote your charity.

There are customize clip magnets, magnetic notepads with your business on it. If you want to send an advertisement or announcement, you can send mailer magnets, too.

You can even print up calendars magnets that you can use to track sporting events or school assignments on. All of these magnets are cost effective. Depending on size you can get them as little as 8 cents a piece for the smaller sizes. Larger car magnets can run $15.00 to $60.00. Custom magnets are a great way to send out announcements and advertise a business.

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