Always On: Remote Control Power Switch

When computers seem to be on the fritz, corporate downtime becomes a complete money waster, as employees anxiously wait for technical help. As network administrators know, sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to fix problems. Rather than spend time driving to the office just to shut off the employee’s computer, a remote control power switch gives full hardware access, from anywhere. This allows administrators to make changes as needed, even if located a continent away.

Instead of waiting hours for in-person help, the machine can be rebooted immediately upon request.
In general, computers should be periodically turned off to preserve system integrity. Networks that run for days on end without a break eventually run into issues. Simple processes which should take mere seconds wind up lasting minutes, creating a slow crawl for everyone.


Employees do not always remember to shut down their stations. When the weekend rolls around, no one but a skeleton crew may be on duty, often unaware of which computers need to be shut down. However, with a remote control power switch, the system administrator can take care of the necessary reboots from home. It beats having to travel to the office, ensnared in Sunday traffic, just to take care of a quick fix.

In addition to regular maintenance, reboots are generally required after certain software updates. Administrators can adhere to software update schedules, even if during off-hours, simply by using a remote control power switch to access hardware. Saving time is a company’s way of positively affecting the bottom line.